Evie is a nationally board certified and licensed acupuncturist in New York State. In her process of attaining the  900 clinic hours required to become licensed, she had the humbling opportunity to provide acupuncture at the Veterans Hospital, Institute for Family Health, and The Housing Works Association Medical Center. Prior to her embarking on Chinese medicine, she attained a Masters in Art Education and taught visual art as part of the Arts and Literacy after school program provided by the Coalition for Hispanic Family Services. 

Evie creates thoughtful and comprehensive treatment plans that address the physical and/or mental disharmonies her patients come to her with, such as chronic and intermittent musculoskeletal pain, anxiety, stress, depression, migraines, epilepsy, digestive issues, insomnia, physical and emotional trauma, addiction, and all issues dealing with menstruation and fertility.  

The Golden Principle- A Guide to Medical Workers

When people come to you with a serious disease and ask for help, you cannot concern yourself with whether they are esteemed or dishonorable, wealthy or poor, elderly or young, beautiful or ugly. Your care must be safe, and not swayed by whether they are your dearest family member or your adversary, your good friend or a stranger, foolish or wise. In your mind's eye each patient is on the same level, degree and class, and is treated as close as family. Your care must never be self serving or motivated by what brings good or bad fortune, or by which is pleasing or upsetting. Your protection and care should be precisely what is necessary: no more, no less, without deference to your own safety and life. Know, in your heart, that your good deeds are sincere and not a game. Show courage but caution. Actively explore and broaden your knowledge, but stand firmly on the principles of which you are certain.

Sun Ssu-Miao

Tang dynasty physician

theorist, author.