“Evie has a wonderful, gentle way of working with patients. She explores all aspects of their lives, looking at their physical, emotional and spiritual being to uncover the appropriate treatment for each individual. She supports people by creating the opportunity for self-discovery.  As a practitioner her instincts are good, she is receptive and trustworthy.”

Dr. Dorene Hyman, DACM, LAc. Acupuncture Clinical Supervisor within the Veterans Hospital, NYC

“I had never had acupuncture before, but decided to try it out after having injured my wrist at work, and was unable to move my wrist or fingers without pain.  I had a session with Evie and she was able to calm my nerves, make me feel comfortable and relaxed, and gently guide me through the treatment.  During the session the points of the needles felt like they were opening me up, and I could feel an energy somehow connecting the different needle points, like some sort of electrical circuit.  After the needles were removed, my wrist felt much better-I could move my fingers more freely and the pain had lessened.  Better still, over the course of a few days, the feeling in my wrist continued to improve and one more session cleared the pain altogether.  I highly recommend and believe in Evie as an acupuncturist-she has a genuine gift for healing (she healed me!), is very aware, empathetic, sensitive and really knows her craft.”

J.D. Patient

“I have come to acupuncture for a number of reasons: to help with sleep, addiction to cigarettes, a phantom knee injury and just general unrest (to name a few :)). Each treatment began with a consultation and an honest conversation about how I was doing. The holistic nature of my visits with Evie are some of the most valuable experiences I've had with any practitioner, acupuncture or otherwise. We have worked together to continue my treatments and have built a practice to help with various issues I've had. 

“Evie is unique in her ability to soothe and to inform. To treat and to talk it out. To collaborate and to create a practice. She is also a great person, which I'll leave there before getting too sentimental.”

G.M. Patient


“Getting acupuncture treatments from Evie for general anxiety and stress has been a wholly pleasant and healing experience. She makes me feel at ease with the process as her bedside manner is professional and calm. She deeply loves what she does and you can tell by how much care and love she puts into her practice.”

C.P.C Patient


“Evie has been working her butt off, and her studious dedication to TCM combined with her natural desire to take care of people make her an amazing and grounded acupuncturist. I have had acupuncture from several places in the city during my 13 years here, and it has been helpful with some issues, but every time I get treatment from Evie, I have this amazing energy that stays with me for the rest of the day. She is so warm and grounded and open, I feel so well taken care of. I can trust her with my body and feel like I can tell her anything about how I'm feeling, physically or otherwise, without being judged. It just puts me in the best mood!”

- K. L. Patient



“Treatments with Evie have helped me improve tremendously. She was always very understanding and patient with me and also had a very welcoming presence about her. Not only has Evie aided me in improving upon my diet and physical problems, she has also helped me gain a new outlook on life. With her treatments, I have begun to look at myself through a more positive light. Evie used acupuncture to make me see my full potential and I hope to continue to work with her in the future.”

S.W.  Patient


“Acupuncture with Evie was a relaxing experience.  It is clear that she is a care-giver to her core.  She asked tons of questions, was thoughtful in making her diagnosis, and careful in the moment of placing the needles.  She made me feel comfortable the whole time, and I left feeling elevated!”

J.W. Patient


“I've gone to Evie for several different treatments over the past few years.  She's treated me for a wide range of things, from back pain, to lingering cough, to a pinched nerve in my shoulder, to tendonitis in my wrist.  I'm a mover, so it's always stressful when I get injured, as I need to be relatively pain-free to make money.

“Evie is always super attentive and thorough in the way she addresses pain.  She has a very holistic approach to the problem - and suggests a variety of solutions as how to address it.  Getting needles is just one - she has often asked me to think about my injury in a different way, to accept the limitations of my body and to listen to what my body needs to get better - whether it be resting, immobilizing, or what I'm eating.  Every time I've gone to Evie, I've seen significant improvement with whatever pain I've experienced.

“The most recent injury I've gone to her for was tendonitis in my wrist/forearm - a thing called "intersection syndrome" - which affects the tendon that connects the thumb to the other part of the hand and affects your general dexterity and motion.  Evie did two needle treatments to address the inflammation (it was so swollen my wrist was making an audible creaking noise). She also did a luo bleeding treatment and it was remarkably effective.  Within hours of the treatment - the inflammation had reduced by 40 percent - and then 3 days later my inflammation was completely gone.  I was really grateful to Evie for trying this.  It was a challenging sort of treatment in that it was very very painful, but sometimes pain is necessary to heal, and I appreciated that Evie could tell that concept wasn't lost on me and knew that I would trust her with this sort of treatment.  Most importantly she told me that if I didn't take the injury seriously, and do somethings myself to help it, it would get re-inflamed and I'd be back to square one.  So I bit the bullet and immobilized it for a few days - applied heat to it - and actually addressed it myself and took some accountability for my own body.  This is why I think acupuncture is so great - because it requires you to bring something to the table in order to heal - it's not just about taking a pill or getting a cortisone shot  - it's about thinking through the source of the pain and realizing it's underlying causes.  Evie has taught me a lot about this and has really made me think about pain differently.

“Evie is a really great listener, which is why I think she's a great acupuncturist.  I've felt dismissed and not listened to by many doctors - and felt like they didn't really want to figure out the source of the pain - only to treat the obvious symptoms, and I lot of times the pharmaceuticals prescribed to me have made me feel worse than the original reason why I was taking them!  But what's so great about Evie, is she tries to get you to listen to your own body - and come to a lot of the conclusions yourself - while also coming up with a very very thorough and thoughtful needle treatment in which she addresses many parts of your body - not just the affected area. 

“The world needs Evie as a practitioner - she's really helped me a lot - in body and mind, and I'm super appreciative.  She's always made time in her busy schedule to provide treatment whenever I was injured/sick, and she deeply cares about peoples health and well being.  She's really gifted at what she does.  She will do really great things and help a lot of people.”



“I received acupuncture from Evie, and was relieved of the pain that followed a subluxed (partially dislocated) right hip. I was in terrible stiffness and pain, and since that treatment, I have only needed one more treatment, and have felt a major reduction in pain and stiffness.”



“Evie Elman is a compassionate soul.  I know this because on a couple of occasions I have witnessed her outrage and pain over injustices in our society while discussing current events.  She is an advocate for the underdog and is not afraid to speak up when many of us turn away.  I have faith that Evie will be able to help many with acupuncture and through her strength that she has gleaned from her life’s experiences.”

C.A. Patient


“I am so excited to know that in the very near future, I'll be welcoming Evie Elman to our team as an acupuncturist! I've had the great joy of working with her at Brooklyn Acupuncture Project (BAP) over the past year. She has already done so much healing in our local community by serving as a compassionate voice to all who walk through the door at BAP. I'm honored to be able to return the favor now by helping her at this stage of transition from student to practitioner, as I have no don't about the great work she'll do for her community as a licensed acupuncturist.”

Dr. Alexandra Garcia, DACM, LAc. Colleague


“Evie brings a wonderful energy to our acupuncture clinic.  She is kind and receptive with clients and practitioners alike. She always shows up with a peaceful presence and clear perspective that will no doubt take her far in the field of Chinese Medicine. We are grateful for her as part of our team and wish her all the happiness this path can bring.”

Sarah Chase LAc. Owner and Founder of the Brooklyn Acupuncture Project